When I was five years old, I moved to Arizona for the first time. My family and I relocated from Adelanto, California to Pinetop, Arizona. It was definitely a culture shock moving from the high desert of California to the luscious, crisp mountains of Arizona. Well, when I was ten, my parents divorced and my father and I moved back to California to live with my grandparents. My father met a woman who is now my stepmother and we moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to be closer to her family. This is now the town I call my home.

I started out at Thunderbolt Middle School, where I met many new people. After completing eighth grade there, I was promoted to the senior high school. There is only one public high school in town, which brings the students closer in academics and outside of school as well. I spent all four of my high school years at Lake Havasu High School, building many new friendships along the way, and in my senior year meeting my soul mate. I think that the setting of Lake Havasu and its small population makes it s great place to live.

Lake Havasu lies on the banks of the Colorado River on the California border. It is a rural town. The nearest town is Parker, which lies approximately 38 miles to the south. To the east are the majestic Hualapai Mountains and to the north is a vast, open desert along with some mountains. The population has increased steadily, bringing it to around 40,000 people. Many of the residents of Lake Havasu are “snow birds,” which are seasonal residents.

Some major attractions of Lake Havasu are the lake itself, which brings thousands of visitors every year. Another landmark in Lake Havasu is the world famous London Bridge. Lake Havasu’s founder Robert McCulloch purchased the bridge and brought it back to Arizona. It spans what is called the English Channel, a manmade canal that creates an island in the lake. On the island, this is only accessible by the London Bridge or by boat, lays Crazy Horse Campground, the Nautical Inn, Barley Brother’s and Shugrues restaurants, and the Island Inn. Also on the island is Lake Havasu State Beach.

Some of the best weather in Arizona can be found in Lake Havasu. It has extremely mild winters. The temperature rarely hits the freezing point. During the summer, the temperature can soar as high as 125 degrees, but it is a dry heat. Lake Havasu holds the state record high temperature of 128 degrees in 1994.

Lake Havasu is a great place to begin or rebuild a life. It has so many opportunities that a job is very easy to be found. I think that the significance of the London Bridge being built is that no matter what kind of dismal state one is in, it can always be restored by entering it into a new surrounding. I call Lake Havasu my home because it is where my heart lies and will always lie.

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