I was born at St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix. It is unusual to find someone who is an Arizona native these days. Most people you meet are transplants from other States. Although I have lived elsewhere, Arizona is, and always will be home for me.

Growing up, my family moved around Arizona. My father worked construction, and where there was work, we went. Globe, Miami, Page, Phoenix, Laveen, Glendale, Peoria and Waddell are a few of the towns we lived in.

My parents settled in Waddell and that is where I completed High School. Dysart is the school district I attended. Once I married and moved away, life changed. My husband moved us to Upstate New York. While it is beautiful there, it was never home.

I missed the wide-open areas. The “laid back” feeling of the West was missing. The Arizona sky at sundown cannot be replicated anywhere else. No other sunsets compare. These are a few memories I took with me. Eventually I came home.

I currently live in Litchfield Park. The old city began in 1916 for Goodyear Tire employees. Growing up in this area, Litchfield Park always appeared as an oasis in the desert. All around the city were cotton, rose and vegetable fields. To go to the grocery store was an all day event. Now I have the enjoyment of living in that oasis.

The lushness of the landscaping in the city contributes to the feeling of oasis. The citrus trees mingle with the more ecologically friendly native desert plants. The walking and biking paths create a network all over the city. Many times I stop and talk to my neighbors as we are out for an evening stroll. There are playgrounds for the children and the lake teems with ducks, geese and other water fowl. The children can hold a fishing line or feed the ducks.

Many times throughout the year, the city holds Arts and Crafts festivals. This is a fun time for the whole community. Artists from around the State bring their creations to share with us. The city, along with The Wigwam, hosts what is called Arts in the Park. This is a time of food, music and other entertainment that is for the whole community. Each July 4th celebration is quite an event. With craft booths, games for the children, food and a wonderful fireworks show, a great time can be had by everyone.

The feeling of the city is one of safety and community. There are not many cities left where you can walk the streets at night and feel safe. Knowing your neighbors and enjoying each others company is a wonderful thing.

Although the city has grown and developers have built new subdivisions close by, Litchfield Park has maintained that small town feeling of community. I am proud to be a resident of Litchfield Park and hope to always live here.

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